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Santiago Colomo Martinez

Animator / 3D Artist / Illustrator

Software Skills:

3D Studio Max
Combustion, Digital Fusion, Vegas, Premier, PhotoShop, Corel Painter.

Work History:


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Working as a Senior Animator using Maya, my role included animating the main character, coordinating the Cut-scenes team, blocking cameras and characters with a given storyboard and supervising the facial setup and facial animation for the cut-scenes.

Batman Begins
Working on the final 3 months of the project using Max. Helping to raise the quality of some of the key cut scenes in the game, and all of the animations for the “final hits” that Batman used in game.

Spyro A hero's tale
Working for a year as an Animator using Maya. Animating enemies and NPC's characters in game. I also completed most of the animation for the main character Spyro, for all the cut scenes.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Working in the Anibyte team for 3 years. Initially as a 3D Artist on the characters team, modelling, texturing and rigging in 3DMax. I especially helped to create the facial animation system for the characters in game, and later I worked as a full time Animator. I've gained experience working with a highly experienced and talented team, having the chance to learn a lot from them, and enjoying working for a high quality project.

Working on different sports video games for 2 and a half years using 3DMax. I gained experience in every aspect of character setup and I worked as an Animator, using mostly motion capture animation. I also started developing some basic facial animation for low polygon models.

1997-1999 KILIKA, MADRID.
A Spanish Architectural Studio, where I carried out the realization of 3D Virtual Designs for structural projects. I developed an important sense of lighting, materials and rendering in Max, trying to emulate real environments in those virtual concepts.


1996-1997 School of Graphic Creation N.10, Madrid. ‘‘Superior Degree in Illustration’

Consisted of a 2 year course where I studied the theory and practice of Traditional and 3D Animation, Storyboarding, Photography, Graphic Design, Cinematography, History of Art and Life Drawing. This group of modules has been a great asset to my animation career, helping me to communicate visual and graphical ideas in many ways, and to develop a strong understanding of visual story telling and camera language.

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